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Review: Guilt Trip, St Saviour’s Church

Every now and then, you need a reminder of how and why Shakespeare is still relevant. Enter Guilt Trip, which does exactly that and then some. Intermission Youth Theatre’s loose adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing is now playing at St Saviour’s Church – something it would be easy to forget if Jasz Brown didn’t repeatedly yell, “this is a church!”
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Review: Consent, Harold Pinter Theatre

Going into a play called Consent, complete with trigger warnings about sexual assault outside, it comes as a surprise to discover that the play is somewhat of a comedy. Even in its darkest moments, Nina Raine’s fourth play makes the audience laugh, but her clever writing will call on you to pull on every emotion in your arsenal.
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Review: Sex with Robots and Other Devices, King’s Head Theatre

Humans having sex with robots has been a constant theme in science fiction for a long time, but now that the technology is almost there, there’s a new edge to works speculating about the consequences. One such work is Nessah Muthy’s play Sex with Robots and Other Devices, the world premiere of which is now taking place at the King’s Head Theatre.
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Is 'Always' Trying to Cash-in on Period Poverty?

We’ve heard a lot about period poverty over the last year. The fight to support people who are unable to afford sanitary products is being led by grass-roots organisations supplying refugees, food banks and schoolgirls with tampons, pads and menstrual cups. Now, one of the UK’s leading sanitary towel brands, Always, is running a campaign that wants to #EndPeriodPoverty.
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Here’s Why a Giant Steel Bra Has Appeared Outside the O2 in London

If you find yourself anywhere near the O2 Arena in the next few months, you may just stumble across a giant stiletto, bra and corset, each cast in steel. The installation, presented by Gazelli Art House and positioned outside the NOW gallery in North Greenwich, is a showcase of artist Kalliopi Lemos’ Tools of Endearment.
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Bloody Good Period

It is estimated that periods costs the average British woman almost £500 a year. For those living on or below the breadline, sanitary products are often the first of the essentials to go. That does not, however, make them any less essential. People living in poverty resort to using toilet paper, fabric scraps or nothing at all to avoid the burden of buying sanitary pads and tampons.
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City by the Book - Blog Series

When my sister and I visited South America last summer, I read a book from four of the cities we visited and wrote about how it changed my experience of those cities.
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Facets of the Female Gaze: “Body,” a Group Exhibition at Kristin Hjellegjerde, London

The title of a provocative group exhibition taking place at the Kristin Hjellegjerde gallery says it all. “Body” is an impressive chance to see bodies through the eyes of the female gaze. Flesh, sexuality and relationships are all drawn into focuses in this multi-medium exhibition. “Body” is an amalgamation of sculpture, porcelain works, abstract and figurative canvasses created by six female artists.
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Sexy or Sexist? Natalie Dormer Mixes S&M, Irony for “Venus in Fur”

The giant shadow of a leather-clad Natalie Dormer dominates the ceiling of Theatre Royal Haymarket in the latest production of David Ives’s “Venus in Fur.”. Dormer leads the entire play with her strong delivery of humor, authority, her several ambiguous characters and, of course, her role within a complex submissive-dominant relationship.
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Ex-First Lady puts focus on youth during uni honour

In October former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received an honorary degree from Swansea University. I attended and helped cover the event for the South Wales Evening Post.
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Endometriosis: Painless sex not a priority, but should it be?

For women with endometriosis, a diminished sex life is a common complaint. Chronic pain, low mood, hormonal treatments, stress over fertility concerns, bleeding during or after intercourse all play their part in dwindling sex and intimacy, but none as much as dyspareunia – painful sexual intercourse.
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When Women Get Their Hands on Technology

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Hilary Webb

I have been writing and editing on a freelance basis since summer 2017 when I graduated with a first class degree in English Literature and French from Swansea University. In September 2018 I started studying for an MSc in Gender and Sexuality at the London School of Economics but I am still writing alongside my studies.

I'm based in and around London and I particularly enjoy writing reviews whether it's of a play, a novel or a Femtech product.

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